Amateur Radio is fun.

This is cowboy country, we are surrounded by mountains,and plains and beautiful scenery. To our south lies the Bull Mountains, and to our North lies the Snowy Mountains. We have the wide open plains somewhat to our east as you leave our mountains behind.

This club was formed so hams could get together and share their experiences in this hobby, but mostly so we can have fun. Consequently, we don't charge for membership and if we need some money for something it becomes a voluntary contribution. We welcome all (ham or just interested) to our monthly breakfast and meetings. We're currently searching for a permanent location for the meetings, so check the newsletter for the latest news.

For the time being the meetings will be at the K7KAR QTH (48 W Sunshine Rd, Roundup). In August the meeting is replaced by our picnic.

We scheduled license training sessions and testing sessions for the second Saturday of even numbered months. If you are interested contact Keith ( for more details.

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